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We helped this fashion and luxury brands finding their voices on Chinese social media.


Every brand needs, goals and budget are differents. There is no secret recipe for success, therefore being able to design a relevant social media strategy for each of our clients is our priority. The Chinese social media landscape is diverse, and choosing which one(s) you should be marketing on having to take into account these criteria.

Social media marketing

Opening an official account is just the beginning. You'll have to drive traffic and create engagement on your brand page. Catchy, useful and shareable content is the first step. It can be blogposts, pictures, videos. Interaction with your followers with community management is not to be neglected. Social media should be fun and interactive but it is also the official public voice of your company. Your communication should well thought and engaging. Contest and Discount are a great way to achieve this, as is sharing useful tips and information. Paid advertising is another option to promote on social media and we totally recommend it on apps such as Douyin and Weibo, not so much on WeChat.


337p日本大胆欧美人术艺术Being careful when purchasing is part of the Chinese culture. Buying impulsively is not very common. Kols are a reliable source of information for Chinese consumers when investigating a brand or products. Kols (key opinion leader) are seen as pairs by Chinese buyers and are trusted a lot more than official sources of information such as your website. Since there is a sea of Chinese kols, going with a specialized agency will save you a lot of effort and probably troubles, especially if you do not speak Chinese.

337p日本大胆欧美人术艺术Why hire us for your social media marketing in China?

Our fashion and luxury division knows its stuff. They know what is popular, what creates engagement and sparks buzz. This is one of the oldest divisions at GMA with solutions for every brand. Whether you want to enter the market, try out a new social media, reach out to a new audience, they have solutions for you.


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Social Media in China - Frequently asked Question

337p日本大胆欧美人术艺术What is the most used Social media in China.

Without a doubt, the most used social media in China is Wechat with more than 1 billion users.

337p日本大胆欧美人术艺术Is weibo popular?

In terms of popularity compare Weibo to Facebook. It is one of the oldest Chinese social media apps, peoples critics it, but everyone is still using it every day. It is a great platform for brands to be commercial and communicate with their followers. A post can easily become viral the same way it does on twitter.