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PR Campaign

PR that grabs the attention of media and netizens.

Buzz PR

337p日本大胆欧美人术艺术Stunt campaign to inspire your audience into taking actions with your brand

Kols management

Creative Kols campaign to ignite word of mouth

Media & interview

337p日本大胆欧美人术艺术Spread the word about your brand in media outlets

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More about Press relation

PR Campaigns

From press releases, to prevent, press conferences we will make sure experts talk about you and know about you. Getting recognition from experts in China will get you the trust of the public and the visibility you need. Our agency focuses a lot on digital marketing, but in the fashion and luxury industry, we believe events can maximize your exposure.

Buzz Campaigns

Buzz campaigns are a one-time campaign to boost your visibility and make you go viral. This kind of campaign is generally used during shopping festivals when consumers are eager to purchase. Find the right media, the right goals, contest, etc and your sales/ visibility/engagement will reach the roof.

Kols Management

337p日本大胆欧美人术艺术We are all very aware of the persuasion power of kols and influencers and should include Kols marketing into our global strategy, it is especially true for China. Because we are well connected in the Kols world and are always working to grow this network, we can offer our customers competitive prices, exclusivity, and reliability.

Media & interview

What is better than to officially express in a popular media outlet? to be interviewed by a famous Kols/ journalists to talk about your brand? Once again, thanks to our network we will be able to spread your words and values quickly and efficiently.

Why hire us for your PR marketing?

We have the needed experience and network to managed your PR campaigns in China. We can work in collaboration with your PR team, has an extension in China or your PR team or fully take care of it. Because every brand has different needs, we also offer different packages. Contact-us to learn more about it, there are solutions for every budget. We won’t throw you out if you are a start-up, on the contrary, we encourage you to drop us an email.


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China PR- Frequently asked Question

What is PR?

PR, press relation is a basic marketing tools to give a brand media coverage. It can be done via press release, event, interview and so on.

337p日本大胆欧美人术艺术Do I need PR in China?

In the Chinese fashion sector, sales and reputation are tightly linked. Chinese consumers purchase upon the notoriety of the brand that reflects its quality. Therefore, using Press Relations to increase your reputation is definitely a good strategy. We are an online PR Agency China, well known as efficient and pragmatic to boost your brand’s awareness and your product’s popularity. Due to the fierce competition, it is important to have experts in this field to help you.