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"Services for Fashion Brands in China "

Online Branding

Establish your brand identity and values on the chinese internet

Online reputation

337p日本大胆欧美人术艺术Give Chinese netizen the best image of your brands to win there trust

"Video & Photo shoot "

337p日本大胆欧美人术艺术Photo & video shooting for great marketing campaigns

social media

express yourself and engage with your community on Chinese social media


Work hand in hand with Kols to represent your brand, get visible and credible


Register on Chinese eCommerce platform and enjoy the visibility or deisgn your own website

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Our fashion & luxury branding case study

Like them, set yourself appart from the competition and claim you share of the Chinese fashion industry market

More About Branding a Fashion Brand in China

Online Branding

In China branding is everything. Because we know that, we have developed solution to help fashion & luxury brands in order for them to increase their popularity and demand for their product/ Solution such as Viral Marketing, PR operation, Key Opinion Leader, Baidu SEO, undercover SEO, public event, etc

Online reputation

For premium and luxury Brands, image is so important in order to attract wealthy customers or to attract any customers at all. To help you with this we work on the user experience of your website or online store, we collaborate with Fashion Leaders and media outlets, Fashion news publication. Finally an experienced member of our fashion department takes care of community management. This person is your official voice online, the voice that creates a relationship with your follower, that guide them into their chat, that solves crisis and encourage peoples to engage on your social media, to mention your brand on forums and q&a ...

Video & Photo shoot

Do you need a video or photo shooting? to recruit models? to create a photo or video campaign from a to z? We will to that for you in our in house studio. Since short video is so popular these days with apps such as douyin or Kuaishou, let us help shoot them and edit them. Fast and cost-efficient problems. Heck yes, we can even promote them for you on social media.

social media

Chinese social media are not only a source of entertainment but for a lot of Chinese consumers a source of valuable information. When then need to decide whether a brand is reliable or not, they do not only check Baidu but also their social media. They will check that you are on WeChat, on Weibo, etc they will check at how you communicate and interact with peoples but they will also look at what are people saying about you. Not being on the major social media could a liability, as it will hurt your credibility. However, you do not need to create an official on every Chinese social media. Go for the one that answers your needs the best. We can help you with that and with the registration and management process.


337p日本大胆欧美人术艺术Kols are huge in China. By working with them you do not only buy their credibility as an expert but also the visibility of their followers. Find the right fashion and luxury influencers. People follow them because they love their content and their suggestion. They like getting information from a pair, from someone like them they can trust rather than from the brand itself.


Ecommerce in China is dominated by fashion with 20% of the purchase. However Chinese eCommerce platforms are diverse and have their own specificities. There are eCommerce platform for every budget and need. If you are a luxury brand entering the Chinese market, Tmall would be the way to go, if you are already in China and want to grab more share of the market, try Little red book. If your budget is not big apps like pinduoduo and Taobao are the way to go. These two have been working on their reputation and have been developing tools to appeal to first tiers city customers. They now host small luxury brands, fashion designer brands, etc. Both pinduoduo and Taobao have been pushing social eCommerce with affiliate marketing, live streaming and user engagement. Tell us your goal and your budget and we will guide you trough, register you and design a great shop on the best platform for your brand. If you need a website for your Baidu SEO, we develop a great website that is optimized for Baidu.

337p日本大胆欧美人术艺术Why choose to brand your fashion/ luxury brand in China?

We are experience and dedicated. We are passionate about fashion, luxury, china, and marketing. Our fashion team composed of locals and international staff know both your needs and your customer’s needs. Because we are well connected, we can assist you in joining fashion salon and even or even better, organize your own event with peoples that matters

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Fashion & Luxury China - Frequently Asked Questions

337p日本大胆欧美人术艺术What is the revenue of the fashion industry in China?

Revenue in the Fashion segment amounts to US$348,700m in 2020.

337p日本大胆欧美人术艺术Why is luxury so popular in China?

It is not a coincidence if half of the luxury items bought are bought by Chinese consumers. The face culture in China is everywhere. Wearing luxury items show your interlocutors that you are wealthy and successful. Showing wealth can open you doors. This part of the culture exists in others east Asian country but is exacerbated in china. Also, China has 1.4billions peoples and an increasing middle class that allows themselves some craziness at times. Luxury and high prices are also associated with quality which is an important criterion in the buying process of many Chinese consumers.