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The Brand & Campaign Context

337p日本大胆欧美人术艺术 Selectspecs is an e-Commerce website which sells Fashion Glasses. Brand Story : Life-long glasses wearer David McMillan had the original idea to sell prescription glasses online back in 2004. Looking at the opportunities of the Chinese Market . The Online optical chains believed the choice was too limited and grossly over-priced for the Chinese Market . Website : http://www.selectspecs.com/cn/ Our missions SEO on Baidu Ereputation Social Commerce- Weibo and WeChat KOL Engagement


  • +3600 visitors per months (0.5% conversion rate)
  • + 3000 new followers on Weibo (with 30% purchase rate)
  • +1800 new followers on WeChat (with 13% purchase rate)

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