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337p日本大胆欧美人术艺术How to Promote a Fashion Brand in China?

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337p日本大胆欧美人术艺术Find your place in the market and set up an effective marketing strategy


337p日本大胆欧美人术艺术Build your reputation and credibility online, boost your brand awareness

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To win the china fashion market you will have to work on your online reputation and brand awareness. If there is one thing we are sure of in China,  is that an unknown brand that does nothing to build it's credibility online has no chance to become a successful brand. Why? Chinese consumers do not buy impulsivly, they do research online, if the results they find are satisfying they may consider buying from a brand. If they can't find anything, they'll consider this brand not to be trustable or worst to be a scam. Use Seo, social media and Kols to build up your e-reputation.

Chinese Social media

China has developed its own social media ecosystem with super apps like WeChat, Douyin (TikTok), Weibo, Litte red book... These apps all have their own specificities and should be used to reach different goals. For instance, WeChat should be treated as an email list and you should avoid being to commercial. However on Weibo, be as commercial as you want, push discount, contest and viral post. Weibo is your twitter/Facebook. Use little red book and its goals to build up your credibility with genuine reviews of your products. Douyin, as a short video platform is great for story telling but also affiliate marketing. Let us assist you in setting up your Chinese social media marketing from account registration to account management and community management.

Chinese eCommerce

337p日本大胆欧美人术艺术If you are a fashion brand you are probably looking into selling on Chinese eCommerce platforms. As for Chinese social media, there are a plethora of Chinese eCommerce platforms that differ from the entry requirements to the tools they offer to their sellers and users. For instance, although Tmall is the biggest Chinese eCommerce platform - especially for the fashion market - and is trying to lower is entrance requirements, you still need to be a rather big brand to be able to register.  Other apps, such as Pinduoduo or Taobao, have a lot fewer requirements and lower fees. Little Red Book is specialized in cosmetics and fashion with more than 80% of its users being women. Just like for social media, we can guide you into choosing the most appropriate Chinese eCommerce apps for your project and budget as well as register, design and manage your account.  Need a website or website migration plus translation? We developed a website optimized for Baidu SEO.

Why hire us to advertise your fashion brand in China?

GMA has been taking care of foreign companies advertising in China since 2012. GMA is an advertising agency composed of peoples coming from all over the world that are passionate about China and marketing. The multicultural background of GMA team members has allowed it to understand both its customers as well as Chinese consumers while continuously creating new services.

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Advertising in China - Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to advertise in China?

This is not a question that can be answered so easily. For instance, In china depending on your industry, the cost of advertising and creation accounts on eCommerce platforms varies. Most importantly, there is solutions for every budget. A smart, slow and progressive strategy can be as effective as going for the full omnichannel marketing strategy right away. No matter the starting budget, no brand will get instant results. Patience and consistency are key to success when advertising in China.

How do I advertise in China?

If you do not master Chinese and Chinese culture, if you do not have offices in China with Chinese staff specialized in marketing the best option is hiring an agency. Hiring an agency will save you money, time and human resources. In terms of solutions, you can advertise via Video marketing (Douyin, Kuaishou, Bilibili), social media marketing (Wechat, Weibo, QQ, RED), Kols marketing, eCommerce affiliate marketing (Taobao, Pinduoduo, Baidu SEO/SEM.