The Agency : Marketing Solution for Fashion & Luxury Brands in China

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How it all started

Philip Qian and Olivier Verot, both passionate about digital marketing decided to create Gentlemen Marketing Agency with one goal set in their mind : become a leader in the field & Fashion marketing in China by providing top grade services.

fashion agency China

What we believe in.

As a consequence we offer very good price rates with professional services with values we firmly believe in :

  • Our clients are not just clients but partners.
  • We want to establish a relation of trust to have a lasting working relationship with you
  • Nothing but the best for our clients

Recent Works for Fashion China

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What makes us stronger.

1/ Online Communication :

Our mastery of the Chinese Internet, and its related disciplines allow us to provide you with top of the line services thus, stand out from the rest of your competitors in the fashion sector in China.

2/ Expertise of Fashion

We aim at becoming the best in our field of expertise and keep ourselves up to date with the latest changes on this rapidly changing field that is digital marketing.

3/ Results and satisfaction of our customers

337p日本大胆欧美人术艺术We make our own experiments in order to keep a competitive advantage that will allow us to give you better satisfaction and results.

4/ Experience of Chinese Marketing

After working with more than 100customers with the last 3years, we know the best practices in term of Marketing in China. More information on

5/ Our Team 

Since we are several people now, we commit ourselves at constantly training our team for them to become expert in their field.

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